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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Doubles- Best of the Best List

I have compiled a list of what I think are the best deals at HT this week. A full and more comprehensive list is available on For this list I focused on items that were free to $1.00 (plus I threw in a few items I didn't want to forget to grab). I had to copy and paste from excel so the spacing may be a little off. More deals will come as I find them during the week. Hope this helps!

KC Masterpiece Original Barbecue Sauce
Hungry Jack Pancake Mix$2.07$1.00$0.07
Purina Kitten Chow
Baileys coffee creamer
Martha White Muffin Mix - Yellow Cornbread
Rhodes Frozen Rolls, 12 ct
Milo’s Kitchen Beef Jerky
Reynolds Wrap Pop Up Wrappers 50 ct
Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls
M&M’s Chocolate Candies, 12.6 oz
Activia yogurt$2.69$1.00$0.69
One dozen HT large eggs$0.77n/a$0.77 evic
Smart Balance Milk$3.99$1.50$0.99
Other Cutter Sprays$3.99$1.50$0.99
Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons, 18 ct
Seventh Generation Dish Soap
A1 Marinade$2.99$1.00$0.99
Hungry Jack Syrup
Pyrex Measuring Cup
Pampers Wipes$2.99$1.00$0.99
Kraft Salad Dressing BOGO$1.501.00/2$0.50ea
Grande Tortilla Chips
Pillsbury Frosting
$1.501.00/2$0.50 ea
Nabisco Crunch Stix B2G3$3.89$1.00$3.78/5
Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels
$2.001.00/2$1.00 ea
Hefty Cups BOGO$1.70.55/2$1.15ea
General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch
$2.991.50/2$1.49 ea
Hefty Tall Kitchen Bags BOGO$4.501.00/2$3.50ea
Kotex Pantiliners $1.49
$1.491.50/22 free
Bounty Napkins 100 count$1.99$1.00free
Lane Cracker Creations *if sale continues$2.00$1.00free-.99?
Yoplait Fiber One
Sure Deodorant
Johnson Baby Powder 4 oz
Johnson’s Baby Bar 3 oz
Muellers Spaghetti Pasta
Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages, 8 ct
Cutter Backwood Pen Size Pump
Nylabone Puppy Bone Flexible Chew
Hormel Complete Kids Meals$1.99$1.00free
Minute Rice Steamers$1.99$1.00free
Reynolds Wrap Pop Up Wrappers 25 ct$1.29$1.00free
Carpet Fresh$1.99$1.50free

A Few Great Deals That End Today-Act Fast

Sorry I have been MIA for so long. Too much going on and too little time! I will try to get back in my routine of daily posting :)

Food Lion - Food Lion is doing their "Big Deal" Promotion through June 28th. If you buy 10 items, you get an instant $5 off. There are over 125 items that qualify (a full list is available in stores) and honestly I have all but stopped shopping at Food Lion so I don't know the various combinations you could do. But here is a deal I have done 3 times already: My kids eat Pop Tarts like there is no tomorrow and they are normally $2.49 per box. They are on sale 2/$4 and if you buy 10 boxes, you get the instant $5 off. You will also get an instant $3 off for a Kellogg's CMN promotion that ends today. In front of the pop tarts there is a coupon dispenser for $1 off 2 boxes. Here is the math= 10 boxes is $20 - instant $5 big deal promotion - instant $3 Kellogg's promotion - $5 in coupons = $7.00 for 10 boxes or 70 cents per box. These have a long shelf life and it's a great deal if you like Pop Tarts. After today when the Kellogg's promotion ends, it will be $10 for 10 boxes.

Also at Food Lion Rachel Ray Just 6 dog treats are on sale B1G1 free. I have not checked the shelf tag but I believe this deal lasts for another week or 2. In the June 5th inserts was a B1G1 free coupon so the result is 2 free bags, you just pay tax. The limit is 2 free and it comes out to a total of .64 cents for 4 bags. You can order extra coupons on ebay for less than $2 if you want more, just remember to do separate transactions :)

BiLo: BiLo has Tennessee Pride sausage B1G1 free. I forget the exact price before the sale ($4.29 maybe?) but use the .75 coupon from this past Sunday's paper that doubles to $1.50. Use 1 coupon for each roll you buy and pay just .79 cents each. I bought 10 and froze some for later and paid right at $8.00 for 10 rolls.

This doesn't end today but they have 50 count Bounty napkins on price lock through mid July for $1.00 and there was a $1.00 coupon in the 6/5 P&G insert for $1.00 off any Bounty napkin so you just pay tax. I ordered extra of these off ebay to stock up on all the spills and messes that my 4 kids create. Ebay is a GREAT source for getting coupons. They are cheap and arrive within 3-4 days. Just be sure you know sale end dates and allow ample shipping time. I only order coupons that equal free items. Be sure to check the sale tag in the store because they don't always end after just 1 week!


If they don't sell out in 5 minutes, you can use this same coupon during Harris Teeter's super doubles tomorrow and get 100 count free instead of the 50 count.

I'm currently working on a super doubles shopping list. I hope to have it ready later today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8 Pack Lance Crackers just 40 cents at BiLo

I know everyone is so focused on Harris Teeter's triples this week but I thought I would pass along a great deal at BiLo. Lance crackers regularly $2.99 are BOGO free so each one rings up at $1.50. If you printed the .55 off coupon from their FB page a few weeks ago, you can get them for just 40 cents after the coupon doubles! I got 4 packs this morning and the total including tax was $1.64. Can't beat it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3 Body Washes and 3 Deodorants for $1 at Walgreens

Walgreens is having a great sale this week on Gillette products. Body wash for men is on sale 3/$10. Buy 3 body washes and 3 deodorants.

Use 3 $2 off Gillette body wash coupons
Use 3 Buy a body wash, get a deodorant free coupons
Final price $4 and earn a $3 RR

Also scotch tape is buy 1 roll get 2 rolls free (with the coupon from their sales ad). The cost is $1.99 for 3 rolls. Use 3 $1 off ip coupons to get all 3 rolls free + $1 overage (may vary, Walgreen's doesn't technically do overages!)

I bought the tape, body wash and deodorant all in 1 transaction and got the overage. I used a RR from last week, paid 43 cents and got another $3 RR.

A few notes about this deal: I'm not sure it matters what order you give the coupons in but I gave the $2 off body wash before the free deodorant coupon and the $1 off coupons before the Walgreens coupon. Also GOOD LUCK finding the body wash. I lucked out and was able to get the last 3 bottles they had at the Walgreens near my work but when I stopped at a second one, they were sold out. I imagine they are gone or almost gone at most stores. I really wish they would order more than just a handful of sales items each week as bare shelves are an ongoing problem at Walgreens. Remember you can get a raincheck but if you aren't able to find them in stock before the sale ends, you won't get the $3 RR so you will pay the full $4 for 6 items which is still not a bad deal but as often as free deodorant and body wash is available, it may be better to catch the next sale IMO!

Also the cashier gave me a bit of a hard time about using both the BOGO free coupons and the $2 off coupons. This is where having a copy of the coupon policy is SO handy. I pulled it out and showed it to her where it plainly states that 2 coupons may be used on BOGO free items as long as the total does not go below zero. There is another place in the policy that states 1 mq may be used PER ITEM being purchased. I explained that one coupon was paying for the deodorant and 1 coupon was going toward the body wash. She agreed and let me use them and the register had no problem with both q's. I was prepared to ask for the manager tho. They may not like it, but they can't dispute their own policy :)

Daily Deals 5/17/11

$1.00 off Jello Pudding Cups here

$1.00/2 20 oz coke products. I found a tearpad on the Coke cooler at Dollar General for a free pack of Pringles when you bought 2 coke products (I would check your local stores to see if yours has them too!). So for around $2.00 you can get 2 cokes and a can of Pringles.

Get a free cone of Bryers ice cream on Sunday only at Walmart. Go here to see if your store is participating.

If you have boys (little or big) that like cars, go here to sign up for a free 1 year subscription to 4 Wheels and Off Road magazine.

Go here to print a Tone body wash coupon and find how it's not only free but a money maker at Walgreens next week!

Go here to print a 50 cents off Chex Mix coupon (on sale for $1.00 at Dollar General this week) as well as 3 other great coupons

75 off Summer's Eve coupon here

The coupon previews for 5/22 are up already here

Visit All You to print some great coupons. Many of these are also offered on so you are actually able to print 4 of the same instead of just 2 of the same that you are usually allowed to print. The 50 cents off Baglefuls coupon is in both places and I remember reading it was going to be one of the super cheap items at HT this week.

Visit Southern Savers for a HUGE list of HT triples match ups. The possibilities are endless!!

After what has seemed to be several slow weeks at Target, they have some pretty good sales this week. Go here and here for the match ups

Free sample of men's cologne here I have no idea if it's any good but for free it's worth a try :)

"Like" Kool Aid on FB here and enter their sweepstakes. When you have entered, you can print a 50 cents off coupon for 5 kool aid packs. This should make all 5 free or near free at HT this week.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Glidden Paint

Glidden is giving away 200,000 free quart size samples of paint. Simply visit their website here to pick your color and fill out your shipping information and enjoy! Offer is limited so act fast.

Purex Detergent and Fabric Softener for just 97 cents at Rite Aid

Rite Aid has Purex detergent and fabric softener on sale for just $1.97 this week (regularly $5.99). If you have the $1 off coupon from the paper a few weeks ago, you can get it for just 97 cents! The detergent is only 50 ounces (which is still a great buy) but the fabric softener bottles are HUGE. Grab yours quickly before they are all gone!!

Also it has finally been made official...Harris Teeter announced on their FB page the triples start on Wednesday. Get those coupons ready and don't miss this rare event :) I believe the last time they did it was over a year ago.

While you are waiting for triples to start, you can still get a great deal at Harris Teeter on select General Mills products. Cinnamon Burst Cheerios are on sale for $2.00 each and there were both printable and newspaper coupons for .75 off so you can get it for just 50 cents a box. Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and canned biscuits are on sale 10 for $10 and there are lots of coupons out for .40 off 2 which doubles to .80 so you get them for just 60 cents each. When you buy any 10 GM products, you get an instant $4 off your order. I did the following...

5 boxes of Cherrios- $2.50
5 cinnamon rolls- $3.00
Total after $4 instant savings=$1.50 for all 10 items!

Next Transaction:
5 boxes of pizza rolls $2.50
2 fruit roll ups- $3
2 bags of Chex Mix-$3
1 cinnamon roll-$.60
Total after $4 instant savings= $5.10